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Letitia Antoinette

aka Madame Kapuscinska

Letitia Antoinette

Letitia Antoinette known as Duchess Letitia , Reverend Letitia,  Madame Kapuscinska and Letitia Kapuscinska, born in Luton. She is a Professional International SINGER/SONGWRITER/Actress/Model. Her family originates from St.Lucia and Guyana, she is based in North London .

Madame Kapuscinska has been in the spot light from the age of 5years old. 

 At the age of 11years old Letitia Kapuscinska sang at a family barbeque one of the Backstreet Boys song. From there her mother Linda realised " Oh I never knew she could sing like that". Letitia then found out about competitions going on in her local area. She went for UK unsigned, she sang Whitney Houston Heart Break Hotel , but still did not succeed in being recognised.

Letitia then took a break, she began to write her own lyrics from the age of 12years old. In year 8. She done nothing with these but continued to write. She entered a songwriters competition at school but was not recognised. The Main success she achieved that year was having her song Televised on a church programme she was a member of Mount Olives ministry. 

At the age of 16 Letitia moved onto Government work. She was representing the East of England as a young advisor in regeneration and renewal. She got to meet, Princess Anne, worked with Andy Burnham, Ed Balls, Tessa Jowell, Hazel Blears all within different departments in the Government.
She also had done a documentary for black history month. Then in the summer of 2006 she went to her first studio where she got to record her music and met Daniel Damian-music composer. She has produced over 80tracks and written way over 200 songs, with Daniel  varying from a wide range of genres some which are now placed in feature films.

Madame Kapuscinska can sing Rock, R'n'B, Pop, Sound tracks, Country, Funky, Jazz, Swing, Rap, Ballads, Hip Hop, Soul, Dance, Reggae, Dubstep and Blues she is very talented indeed.
People have compared Madame Kapuscinska to Tracey Chapman, Billie Holiday, Nina Simmons, Supremes, Toni Braxton.

She has organised her own performances alongside DDK, over the years and has performed at Icon Hotel, raised money for Keech Cottage, Haiti, Great Orchestra Charity, Fringe Festival, Venus TV, Ben TV, The Performers Corner, LUR live radio, TropicalFm , Diverse FM, BBC three Counties Radio, Luton Carnival Arts, Hat Factory, Local Community Festivals, The Comedy Club, The Forum and many more.
Not only is  Madame Kapuscinska a singer/songwriter she is also a model, hostess, presenter and aspiring actress.

Life has thrown all sorts of twists and turns at her but despite the challenging past Letitia Kapuscinska has remained victorious. She is amongst those individuals who battle with fibromyalgia and bipolar disorder. But as a complementary therapist she does her best to heal naturally through self love and self care and fighting the fears and worries of what ifs. She wants to empower people to discover who they really are, to fight their fears and go above and beyond in living their best lives now and being in this moment, releasing the past and turning their pain into creativity. Letitia has endured heartaches through sexual abuse and kidnapping in her past . It does not defines her but became a part of who she is today - a strong women that works hard and never gives up. She draws art through her pain. Her trauma is reflected in her work.

Madame Kapuscinska is  the manager, artist representative and performance coach. That is a lot of responsibility to take and hold whilst remaining on top of being an Artist . She is very determined with all that she does. She currently has been writing lyrics for a few new upcoming artists and coaching them alongside this. She has also done the lead vocals for a feature film called GATWICK GANGSTERS alongside more live tv performances on VENUS TV alongside Music Director for feature film Return of The Don. She is a mother of two adorable boys and a wife. Is also studying her Masters in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management. This is a strong women who means business and is all about perfecting her craft and helping develop others as well as herself.

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